Providing the right household staff for today’s busy families takes a comprehensive approach. We always take the time to understand the needs of your household and tailor our search accordingly.

Why I’m so passionate about helping working parents find the best Nanny:
Let’s start off with a family application and then set up a phone call. 

Looking to Hire a Nanny?

In a Tight Market it’s tough to hire a nanny. We’ve created a short handbook with an overview of the process and best practices. This book is mostly about nannies but can apply to any in-home staff, housekeeper, household manager, or other domestic staff. 


What are your fees?

To initiate a search, we require a $300 engagement fee. This fee is non-refundable but is applied to the fee you pay for your Nanny.

Temporary placements  – The fee is $500/month. We ask for three months minimum.

Permanent placements – The fee is 16% of the Nanny’s gross annual salary.

Babysitters – On rare occasions, we will provide a babysitter for a “date night” or other occasions. This is based on the availability of the Nannies and the scope of the work needed.

What is the going rate of pay for a Nanny?

Rates vary greatly based on the scope of their responsibilities, experience, education, special skills, additional languages, and geographic area. Many Nannies in lower Fairfield County and Westchester County are looking for $25 to $35 an hour. Making sure a Nanny is paid a fair market rate is very important in retaining the Nanny as a long-term integral part of your family.

I know a few people who pay much less/hour; why so much?

If you require a professional Nanny, she has expectations for her pay based on many factors including but not limited to her experience and the scope of her work. If you are paying less than what she is looking for, she may take your job but continue to look for a job that pays her a higher rate.

What is the difference between a Nanny, Au Pair, and Babysitter?

 Au Pair

The name au pair tells you a bit about the role itself. The term is French for “on par” or “equal to,” meaning that an au pair’s role is to be an equal partner with the parents when it comes to childcare. Au pairs in the United States are usually around 18 to 26 years old, from a foreign country, and typically have time-specific contracts. One big distinction between au pairs and other caregivers is that they always live with the family. Because they typically are moving from a foreign country, they move in with their host family upon arrival and reside with them for the duration of their contract. An au pair is a cost-effective option if you already have a spare room that they could stay in. Au pairs typically work set hours each week, and extensive experience often isn’t required.


Nannies and au pairs seemingly have small differences, but Nannies offer great benefits that some families may be looking for at the end of the day. Nannies generally do not reside with their employer, but there are some who will live in. Nannies typically work longer hours, require higher pay, and generally have long-term experience as a Nanny. Agencies may require a degree in a childcare field, more years of experience, or extensive references for nannies. If you require longer hours and professionalism, hiring a Nanny will be the best fit for you.


Babysitters hold the least similarities between the three types of childcare professionals. Babysitters are short-term, as-needed caregivers. If you need someone to watch your kids for a night out or a short vacation, a babysitter should be your go-to choice. Numerous agencies represent highly vetted and experienced babysitters for your temporary needs. Or, of course, you can find a Nanny by searching a site such as, posting your job on social media, or perhaps getting a recommendation from a friend.

If we are going away for an extended summer vacation, do I have to pay my Nanny?

Yes, you would need to pay if you are going away to “reserve the spot” like you would in a daycare situation.

Do Nannies expect to have benefits?

There is a wide variety of benefits that can be offered, but the minimum for full-time Nannies include but are not limited to paid vacation, paid personal and sick days, and paid national holidays.

Paid vacation is generally two weeks minimum (one week at your discretion [for example, when you are going away] and one week of her choice).  Of course, you can add additional paid time off if you and the Nanny would like.

Also, some families will offer medical insurance, which is not something that most Nannies expect but can be added. 

We always have the family fill out a family/Nanny agreement so that there are no surprises as to expectations and benefits offered. We do have resources for you in regard to insurance, payroll, and tax information.

Who pays the Nanny?

The Nanny is your employee; therefore, you pay her. We are a referring agency, so we do not pay the Nannies. You are responsible for all applicable taxes and withholdings. Nannies are paid an hourly rate and receive their compensation weekly. As the employer, you pay the nanny directly. 

Do you charge the Nannies a fee?

NO, we do not charge a fee to the Nannies, ever. The family who is seeking a Nanny pays the fee.

What do I need to know about taxes for my Nanny?

Every family who decides to hire a Nanny is responsible for any applicable tax, withholding, and reporting. GTM Payroll has a lot of great information about payroll and taxes. Please see the information on the following link:

Do you offer a replacement if a Nanny does not work out for our family?

We do offer a replacement for up to the first 90 days. We rarely have issues with replacing a Nanny due to our diligence during the placement process. But we are well aware that unexpected issues can arise and are happy to provide a suitable replacement at no additional cost as per the agreement.

What is the screening process for Nannies?

Our Nannies go through a lengthy vetting process. Applicants are interviewed in-depth about their experience, education, childcare approach, qualifications, and any relevant training and certifications. We ask them to complete a lengthy application that asks about their work history, why they are looking for a new position, references, and what they are looking for in a new position. We review all the information with the Nanny. We speak with a minimum of two previous employers to verify dates of employment, responsibilities, strengths, and weaknesses, making sure they are valid references with no blemishes. Candidates provide verification of their education and additional copies of certifications, such as First Aid, CPR, or Newborn Care. Background checks are performed before trials with your family and include a national criminal records search, social security verification, national sex offender registry search, and motor vehicle record check. If they do not meet our strict criteria at any point in the vetting process, we will not present them to a family.

Can I bank hours for my Nanny?

I was recently asked about banking hours for a Nanny. What does this mean? It means that if the parents, let’s call them Bob and Mary, have their Nanny scheduled for Monday though Friday from 8AM to 6PM each day, and Bob no longer needs to participate in a meeting that starts at 5 PM on Monday, he can’t send the nanny home early, keep track of the time she did not work, and ask her to make up those hours another day. Let’s say he wants her to work Saturday night so that he and Mary can go out to celebrate their anniversary. He can ask the Nanny to work Saturday night, but the Saturday hours would need to be hours that she is paid for in addition to her regular weekday hours. There can be a bit of flexibility, but this needs to be agreed upon before a Nanny starts her job. 

What type of family works with or needs a Nanny agency?

We work well with people who:

  • Are completely comfortable paying a nanny $25/hour or higher (our nannies generally are looking for around $25 to $35/hour);
  • Need full-time (sometimes part-time) help for the long term;
  • Appreciate the value of us doing the legwork so that all they have to do is decide between two to four Nannies that we will present to them;
  • Will be able to come up with a solid schedule and job description;
  • Will be able and willing to pay the nanny for at least two weeks of vacation, five days of sick leave, and all major holidays; and

  • Will provide the nanny with a car to drive if the children need to be taken anywhere during her workday.
Why hire a professional Nanny?

Professional Nannies pride themselves on their dedication to their career, their stellar attendance record, and they make sure to have everything in place so they do not miss work and are on time if not early. They have many years of experience, which they bring with them to their job. They know that if they are demanding $25/hour or more they need to be the epitome of responsibility. They also know that the children look up to them; they are teaching the children by what they say and what they do.

How do you find your Nannies?

Many come from the Nannies who we’ve placed (friends Nannies have met through their work in childcare), professional Nanny groups, job postings we place on social media, and job boards.

Should my Nanny use her car to drive my children?

The short answer is “No.” Our main concern is the safety of the child/children. The safest alternative is to provide a car for your Nanny to use to transport your child/children. The reasons are as follows:

  1. You own the vehicle, and you know its roadworthiness because you maintain it. 
  2. Car seats have been properly installed and never have to be uninstalled to go in and out of the Nanny’s car.  Transferring a car seat can lead to it being improperly reinstalled and, as a result, the child/children are not properly restrained in the event of an accident.
  3. A Nanny’s car may be old, and she may not be comfortable transporting a child/children day-to-day.
  4. A Nanny’s car may be leased and, as a result, she must be very aware of mileage.
  5. Lastly, the family does not have to be concerned with calculating mileage weekly to reimburse the nanny based on the government’s mileage rate.
Do your background checks comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?

Yes, our vendor is fully FCRA compliant. We treat all private information with the utmost respect.

What does a professional nanny in Lower Fairfield Co. and Westchester Co expect in regard to benefits?
To attract and retain the best Nanny for your family, you’ll want to consider offering the following benefits.
Two weeks paid vacation (minimum)
Five days paid sick leave (or more)
All major holidays paid
Any time that your Nanny is available to work her scheduled hours, but the family does not need her, she will be paid for that time
A car for the Nanny to use while working
A regular schedule that has been decided on in advance of starting the job


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