Formerly known as a Night Nanny or baby nurse, a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is a professional caregiver who specializes in providing overnight care for newborns. Their primary role is to help new parents get the rest they need by caring for the baby during the night. Additionally, they are trained in establishing and keeping a feeding and sleeping schedule for the newborn.

Newborn Care Specialists will typically work with families for the first few weeks or months after the baby is born. Generally, the NCS will work with a family for up to 4 months, although some families may choose to hire them for longer periods of time. They are trained and experienced in caring for newborns and can provide a range of services to help parents adjust to life with a new baby.

What does an NCS do when working with a newborn:

1. Feeding: An NCS can help with establishing and keeping a feeding schedule for the baby, whether it’s through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. They can also help with burping and soothing the baby back to sleep.

2. Sleep training: An NCS can help parents establish and keep a sleep routine for their baby, which can help the baby sleep during the night for longer periods of time.

2. Diaper Changing: An NCS will change the baby’s diaper as needed throughout the night, helping to keep the baby clean and comfortable.

4. Light housekeeping: Newborn Care Specialists may also help with light housekeeping tasks, such as washing bottles or doing the newborn’s laundry.

5. Education and Emotional Support: NCSs can draw from their years of education and experience to provide educational information and emotional support to new parents, helping them adjust to the challenges of parenthood.

Overall, a newborn care specialist will provide support and care to new parents during the challenging early weeks or months of their baby’s life. By taking care of the baby during the night, they can help parents get the rest they need to be able to care for their baby during the day.

Hiring an NCS:

  1. Booking: NCSs will be booked months in advance. If you are considering hiring one, you would want to start your search for an NCS early on in the pregnancy.
  2. Rates: NCSs either charge hourly ($30+/ hr) or nightly. Some will have their own business, and others will be your short-term employee.
  3. Schedule: An NCS will generally work from 7 PM to 7 AM. They can also work a day shift, or longer/shorter shifts depending on your needs. Please keep in mind that an NCS typically will want to work at least 6 hours per day. Some will work 24/7. Please be mindful of any of your state’s employment laws to make sure the NCS is paid appropriately.
  4. Living Situation: An NCS can either live in the home or live out of your home. If they are local they will likely live out. Others who come from a distance might live in your home full-time or M-F.